Ceri Jones

Education Engagement Manager

Joined: 2023

f095 +44(0)1563 598 222

More about me:

Tell us about what you do at Giglets

As Educational Engagement Manager , I am excited to use my 20 years of experience as a teacher and Assistant Headteacher to best support schools who use Giglets across Wales and beyond. I organise and run online and in-person training to help the effective implementation of Giglets in their settings. It’s wonderful to be able to work closely with so many schools and teachers!

How did you find yourself working for an EdTech company?

Literacy and technology have always been a passion of mine. Throughout my teaching career I have worked closely with digital leaders to develop the use of digital tools and how they can be used to enhance learning. As a school that was using Giglets, I saw first-hand how pupils developed a love of reading and how their skills progressed through the Higher Order Thinking Skills and Reading Test Questions. So when the chance arose to join the Giglets Team to train and support other schools, I jumped at the opportunity

What are you most proud of since joining Giglets?

We recently held our Halloween online storytelling event for schools where classes could join and listen to a Giglets story read by our extremely talented Regional Account Manager, Graeme Kerr. I had the privilege of hosting the events bilingually for the first time. It was inspiring to see so many classes across Wales, Scotland and England enjoy our Giglets story, ‘A Dark Night!’

If you weren’t at Giglets, what would you be doing?

I would be back in a primary setting leading the implementation and development of Giglets across the whole school.

What 3 words would you use to describe working at Giglets?

Empowering, creative and innovative.