Seona MacRuary

Head of Product and Operations

Joined: 2023

f095 +44 (0)1563 598222

More about me:

Tell us about what you do at Giglets

Being Head of Product and Operations at Giglets is a wonderful role where I guide content and product development, as well as the Education Engagement Team at Giglets as they support schools, teachers and learners who use Giglets. I'm very grateful to work with such a talented Content, Product and Education Engagement team and I'm passionate about helping to develop Giglets in response to teachers' needs and requests.


How did you find yourself working for an EdTech company?

I have always been passionate about literacy and using digital tools to enhance learning. In 2017, I was lucky enough to be working as a primary teacher in a school that was using Giglets and the chance arose to join the Giglets Team in a training and support role. It’s proven to be an excellent opportunity to further develop as a teacher and be involved in the sector from another perspective.


What are you most proud of since joining Giglets?

Having been at Giglets for so long, it's hard to pick only one! I'm proud of everything the team has achieved, from delivering many successful events for teachers and learners, to new additions to the library and funky new features on the platform.

If you weren’t at Giglets, what would you be doing?

I would be back in a primary classroom and, hopefully, I would be using Giglets there!

What 3 words would you use to describe working at Giglets?

Rewarding, interesting and varied.