Supercharged literacy and language learning.

An accessible and engaging platform of curriculum-aligned online literacy resources and multilingual texts, for children aged 3-14.

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Superhero Teachers


Superhero Teachers



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We’ve got your back!

You don't have to go it alone. Learn and grow with award-winning support and the Giglets resource hub behind you. Discover the Giglets methodology and get the most out of your tools with our superb Education Engagement Team.



Propel reading, writing, listening and talking into a new dimension with our interactive and dynamic learning experience.


Teacher Toolkit

Curriculum-aligned resources, guides and training delivers an engaging, user-friendly and supportive learning platform.



Stories from around the world are available in 40+ languages, from Gaelic to Somali, Mandarin and Turkish.



Customisation features and a rich library of texts unlocks the reading experience for all learners, regardless of ability or learning needs.

Children learn to read with technology using giglets

We get that it can sometimes feel like you need to be superhuman to do all that is required in the day. To go above and beyond that, you need to be a Superhero Teacher.

Teaching reading is rocket science! We know you’re up for the challenge, but you need the right tools. Giglets supports superhero teachers like you with:

Reading and learning in school

Reading for pleasure in school and at home

Pupils who decode without understanding what they read

Independent reading

Whole class reading

Whole class reading

Guided group reading

Guided group reading

The reading experience re-imagined

Find out how we develop a love of reading and improve comprehension and language acquisition, for pupils globally and across the UK.

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An online literacy resource that engages the whole school community

Giglets proudly impacts learning in almost 500 schools across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, as well as internationally from Canada to Qatar.

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Giglets works with a variety of local authorities across the UK, from East Ayrshire in Scotland to the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales

We have the capacity to support you at a strategic and group level to ensure that you benefit from the associated economies of scale where you may have centralised or expedited procurement capabilities.

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Giglets works with a number of Multi-Academy Trusts across England, from Greenwich to Warrington

We can help you invest in specific and individual resources for your school, as well as supporting you at a strategic and group level.

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Trusted by the UK's most recognised education bodies

Pupils achieve more using Giglets

We've heard stories of Giglets helping children to become more engaged than ever. What will your pupils achieve?

Giglets has engaged all pupils: the texts are stimulating, age appropriate and interactive. It has improved standards in reading, the children are able to engage with a wide range of texts and are challenged through a range of HOTS questions and literacy rich tasks. We have used Giglets from Nursery to Y6 and it has had a positive impact on pupil engagement in all year groups.

Catherine Power, Headteacher

St. Philip Evans R.C. Primary School, Cardiff

Giglets has added another dimension to our literacy programme. It’s a high-quality, engaging resource with huge capacity for differentiation. Being able to use it, in class and at home, with all learners, while targeting individual pupils and groups is very beneficial.

Keira Finlayson, Headteacher

Fenwick Primary School

Working with the Giglets team has led to a huge shift in attitudes to reading of pupils, parents and staff in our school. Our parents have always been supportive of reading but now they are able to support with the HOTS. Most importantly, pupils are able to access and improve these skills in school and at home and it has led to improved standards and increased engagement.

Jane Beckett, Headteacher

St. Joseph's R.C. Primary School, Newport

We have examples of dyslexic pupils engaging effectively with Giglets, in the knowledge that they can continue reading texts at home if they haven’t finished at school and this has undoubtedly developed their self-confidence. Boys in particular have been excited by the visual aspect – Year 6 calling me in to show what they were reading, for example.

Ann Bellis, Headteacher

Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Helyg in Blaenau Gwent, Wales

It was one of the first insets for quite a while where all staff were thoroughly enthused and since then, pupils are loving the stimulating books, especially the music intros and animation. Giglets is so versatile - worth every penny!

Sophie Notely, Literacy Co-Ordinator and Senior Leadership Team Member

Coed Glas Primary School, Cardiff, Wales

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