Have a Happy Halloween Reading on Giglets

Have a Happy Halloween Reading on Giglets

October 13, 2022 | 2years | Giglets News

Make Reading Frighteningly Fun with Giglets

With Halloween approaching, Giglets has spooktacular texts ready to make reading frighteningly fun.

Why not share one of the following with your class in the coming weeks?

Suggested activity:

The Giglets theme music is a much-loved engagement feature of Giglets and this feature shines with these spooky texts. Why not play the music before you have even shared the book’s title or cover? You might ask your pupils to:

  • Suggest a title and draw what they think the cover might look like,
  • Build a word bank of words that come to mind when listening to the theme music, or,
  • Write or discuss what the music suggests they could see, smell, hear, taste or touch if they were characters in this story.
Going Camping

A Dark Night

Red Balloon Level

Reading age 4-5

A Dark Night is a very popular Giglets original text. Featuring in our Giglets storytelling events in 2022, this is a rhyming story that your pupils will be skipping around the playground to. 

Going Camping

The Sad Skeleton

Yellow Bird level

Reading age 6-7

The Sad Skeleton is a short rhyming text about a poor soul who may look scary but is in fact just a misunderstood skeleton. This story is accompanied by a full-page animation and theme music perfect for engaging even your more reluctant readers.

Going Camping

What the Monsters Munch

Yellow Bird level

Reading age 6-7 

In What the Monsters Munch, two young brothers embark on a muddy, sticky, slimy adventure to crash a party inside the monsters' lair. A beautifully illustrated text, each image can be used as a discussion prompt to develop oracy and listening and talking skills. 


Going Camping

The Goblins’ Goblet

Indigo Moon level

Reading age 9-10

Alice, an orphan, lives with her aunt and uncle and her beloved dog Bertie near the goblin-infested woods of East Lothian. The story is a supernatural tale that warns the reader about what can happen when greed takes over. The supporting automatically-marked Reading Test Questions will ensure your pupils are developing a deep understanding of the text. 

Going Camping

The Curse

Violet Shield level

Reading age 10-11

Originally a Portuguese story, The Curse is one of Giglets most popular texts from around the world. An unfortunate curse on a child means that he must live as a social outcast until he discovers his true home. With a happy ending, even your more sensitive pupils will enjoy this story. This text comes with a full-page, main illustration and many accompanying tasks. 


Giglets in Your School

This Halloween we are holding a spook-tacular free, live storytelling event for schools! Come join us for a fun and interactive reading of our original story, A Dark Night.

On the 27th of October, the session will be bilingual and the story will be shared both in English and in Welsh. We are also holding an event on the 28th of October in English. To book your space and for more details please visit our events page here.

If you would like access to these accessible and engaging Halloween texts, it’s easy for your school to sign up to Giglets. You can easily and greatly increase the number of school reading books your school has access to with the Giglets online literacy resource. If you’re interested in accessing a growing online library of over 440 English texts, with supporting reading comprehension resources, just email info@giglets.com or book a demo with one of our friendly account managers.

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