Giglets Benefits

Find out why 500 schools globally choose Giglets to support their literacy programme.

The easiest way to provide a managed reading experience

Giglets offers many benefits as a whole class reading platform and individual reading.

To inspire a love of reading, we focus on the pupil’s experience above all else. Giglets at its heart is a library but with one key difference: pupils are engaged in the story before they’ve even started to decode the text.

Giglets texts captivate the reader with illustrations and animations, sound effects, music, and audio storytelling. The overall Giglets experience is tailored, responsive and flexible and our texts, resources and interface design is constantly improving according to feedback from you!


The Giglets library consists of over 1,800 texts across 40+ different languages. As well as the range of languages available, many of the stories are from different cultures and include inclusive themes. They are often supported with audio storytelling provided by professional storytellers fluent in the original language of the story.

Languages and cultures that belong together

Giglets features, such as theme music, illustrations, animations and audio storytelling are an effective tool for engaging EAL learners and targeting reading comprehension. Teachers often use these features as a hook to draw readers in and identify key vocabulary. From this the learners access texts more readily.

Giglets Gàidhlig is an innovative Gaelic literacy project.

We are delighted that the Giglets Gàidhlig literacy project is continuing and expanding. Bòrd na Gàidhlig has approved funding until 2024 for this unique digital Gaelic education project. Giglets Gàidhlig is an innovative Gaelic literacy project providing Gaelic texts together with supporting teacher and pupil resources, audio support, music, animations and illustrations as part of a digital experience.

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Giglets yn Gymraeg.

Giglets is a recommended supplier of Welsh language texts by the Welsh Government, and we are supported by Local Authorities throughout Wales including: Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff, Powys, Newport, Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Gwynedd. Currently over 200 schools in Wales, and tens of 1000s of pupils access our Welsh language resources everyday.

Our aim is to achieve parity between Welsh medium and English medium, so a key focus for Giglets is developing Welsh language content. Consequently we have seen a rapid growth in Welsh language texts and resources.

Welsh medium schools have access to training and support sessions in Welsh language, as well as specific Welsh language events.

The Giglets as Gaeilge literacy project

Giglets is delighted to support the provision of the Irish and Ulster Irish languages across the Island of Ireland. In doing so Giglets has successfully partnered with An Chomhairle um Oideachas Gaeltachta and Gaelscolaíochta and Comhairle na Gaelscolaíochta. Together we are proud to provide dozens of texts and supporting curriculum resources to schools in both an Irish/Ulster Irish Medium and Irish/Irish as a second language setting.

Accessibility & Inclusion

We place accessibility and inclusion at the centre of product development and take care to consider the contexts in which our product is being used. We take the view that children need in-platform control of features like colour schemes, font size and typeface so that they can access material independently and at the same time as their classmates. Importantly, these adjustments are presented as ‘options’ to the whole class, so learners are not singled out or made to feel different.

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Curriculum Alignments

The Giglets online literacy resource is designed with learners, teachers and curriculum in mind.

Like your curriculum, Giglets places learners at its heart. All learners who read with Giglets benefit from enhanced features to support learning and teaching, engagement, accessibility and inclusion:

  • Two dyslexic-friendly fonts
  • Eight font sizes
  • Ten text and background colour options
  • Audio
  • Theme music
  • Illustration
  • Animation

Find out how Giglets aligns with your curriculum.


Curriculum for Excellence

The Giglets online literacy resource is aligned with Curriculum for Excellence and supports Scottish schools and teachers in its delivery.

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Curriculum for Wales

The Giglets texts, tasks and features have been created and designed to directly support teachers in Wales.

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National Curriculum

With such a diverse library, Giglets is ideally placed to also support literacy across the curriculum.

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Irish Curriculum

Aligned with the Irish Curriculum, the Giglets online literacy resource supports Irish schools and teachers in its delivery.

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Giglets reporting & analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Giglets Reporting and Analytics is designed to support schools and teachers in understanding the progress of each learner's reading comprehension skills. These reports support teachers, schools, MATs and local authorities in making professional judgements in assessing a learner’s overall progress. Giglets also provides useful insights into the number of texts that have been accessed and completed by a learner, and much more.

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