Local Authorities

Giglets works with a variety of Local Authorities across the UK


Giglets works with a variety of Local Authorities across the UK, from East Ayrshire in Scotland to the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales.

We understand that just because you are a Local Authority, often with significant education responsibilities, you may still be interested in investing in specific and individual resources for your schools and support services. Something which we're well versed on providing to LAs.

Equally, just as we do for a number of MATS and government departments from across the UK, we also have the capacity to support you at a strategic and group level to ensure that you get benefit from the associated economies of scale being a local authority which may have centralised or expedited procurement capabilities.

Taking a strategic approach helps to ensure that implementation is managed in a coordinated way. A dedicated Account Manager and Education Engagement Advisor are in place for your Local Authority to ensure that everyone is working together to deliver on the agreed outcomes. These can often include:

  • inspiring a love of reading across your school
  • giving every learner a library by providing a rich, diverse and growing range of texts across nursery primary, secondary and special education provisions
  • providing reports on the progress of learners in response to our expertly created reading test questions
  • delivering targeted interventions for ASN, EAL and vulnerable learners
  • driving parental engagement
  • supporting professional learning strategies
  • driving an appropriate level of consistency in approach across the LA
  • delivering value for money and excellent customer service for all involved

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