Teachers benfit from using Giglets

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Increase pupil engagement and demonstrate improved reading results

Don’t just teach reading

Encourage independence and improve your pupils' motivation to read.

Giglets for teachers

Take one small step…

Choose a book to share with your pupils.

Before you know it, you’ll be exploring stories from faraway places, investigating fantastic facts and leading your pupils through a new world of wonderful words.

That’s the power of reading, but you knew that.

Giglets is all about harnessing the power of reading. It is an online library accessed by over 25,000 pupils every week.

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A personalised experience to suit a range of reading needs.

Independent learning

Let your pupils read in their own time.

Involve your parents

Bring parents onboard. They are their children’s favourite audience.

How It Works


Find a book

Choose a book in your library, it’s easy. Books can be sorted by text type, reading level, language and engaging digital features like animation, music and audio.


Explore the story

Share stories with your pupils. Every way you like. Talk about the the text. Pull up illustrations and animations on the whiteboard to spark discussion. Listen to the audio story or encourage your pupils to improvise a dance to the music.


Share the text

Give your pupils the text to read in school or at home, the reader is accessible and supports pupils in a number of ways. Give them a reading experience that suits, you’re only a click away if they need you.


Assign activities

Assign creative tasks related to the text. Include interactive questions to support comprehension or higher order thinking. Build up a bank of evidence to show what your pupils have learned.


Ask questions

Effective questioning is a natural part of teaching and learning and helps to keep pupils active and engaged.

Use Giglets To Support

Individual pupils

Individual pupils who decode without understanding what they read

Whole class reading

Whole class reading

Guided group reading

Guided group reading

Reading for enjoyment

Reading for enjoyment in school and at home

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