What Makes a School Leader?

What Makes a School Leader?

November 23, 2017 | 7years | Press Releases

An effective school leader often focuses on teamwork, on getting the best out of people, as well as on building the school community. This leader finds ways to provide meaningful opportunities to each teacher, parent and pupil.

Develop a vision

Developing a passionate vision requires that a school leader knows what needs to change in their school. When a school chooses Giglets for literacy development, the changes they’re looking to make include:

  • Improving reading comprehension
  • Developing digital literacy
  • Working on higher order thinking skills
  • Enhancing pupils’ motivation to read

Leaders choose what changes to tackle in the first instance, and decide how their school is going to use the Giglets resource - eg in Guided Group Reading, as whole-class texts and/or for reading at home.

Engage and organise

Exceptional school leaders successfully engage the school community. They focus on providing a vision, sharing their passion and exploring ideas. Leaders maintain long-term plans and those become termly, weekly and daily objectives. They establish structure, provide guidance and inspire confidence.

A school leader with a clear understanding of what needs to change and how to make that change is on track to improve their school.

For example, schools often allocate books in the Giglets library to year groups. Organised school leaders involve each teacher in mapping out books and year groups. It takes a little time, but ensures that teachers get to grips with the resource and the content, while having an opportunity to collaborate and express their opinions. The resulting plan underscores a feeling of accomplishment and everyone knows what page they’re on.

Ensure everyone gets what they need

Effective school leaders understand how to meet the different needs of the people in their school community. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs places security needs close to the base of the pyramid. It’s clear that teachers, parents and pupils need to feel safe in school. The school leader nurtures a teaching and learning environment in which people respect and listen to each other. Giglets is chosen to enhance that environment as the resource is accessible, inclusive and reflects a diverse society.

In launching Giglets in a school or cluster, school leaders find ways for members of the senior leadership team to join in meetings and collaborate. They discover school ambassadors for Giglets within their teaching staff. Those ambassadors go on to manage and monitor implementation; they are given an opportunity to develop their confidence, practise leadership and expand their skills. In this way, proactive school leaders earn the trust of their teachers and inspire them to achieve their full potential.

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