Curriculum for Excellence


The Giglets online literacy resource is aligned with Curriculum for Excellence and support Scottish schools and teachers in its delivery. The Giglets texts, tasks and features have been created and designed to directly support teachers in Scotland as they teach to the CfE Experiences and Outcomes. As the emphasis in the Literacy and English Experiences and Outcomes is on learning being an active process, so too are the Giglets tasks and features designed to support active learning within Scottish classrooms.

Giglets is committed to supporting Scottish schools and teachers and so provides training designed specifically around the application of Giglets within CfE. The Giglets Education Engagement Team of experienced CfE teachers is able to support your school in implementing Giglets with your literacy, language and support priorities in mind. Best practice and CPD events are run throughout the year and are available to all schools who subscribe to Giglets.

The Giglets library includes texts in over 35 languages and so is also ideally placed to support Scottish schools in the teaching of Languages 1+2 and supporting learners with English as an Additional Language. Gaelic and Scots are two of the many languages available on Giglets.

With such a diverse library, Giglets is ideally placed to also support literacy across the curriculum, interdisciplinary learning and other curricular areas.

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